Septem Nuntius

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Septem Nuntius

Septem Nuntius

The Author

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The Bible for this Age and upcoming Millennium.

No one really knows who Septem Nuntius is or comes from. It is said that he was born from humble origins on a remote village in the south of Europe. Others said he was born in India due to his extensive knowledge of Sanskrit. It is known that he travelled the World. In his writings there is a different curiosity and intensity. He seems to be in the journey for his own meaning and Enlightenment. Spirituality, relationships, knowledge, feelings, numerology, anthropology and the teachings of the great Vedas are part of his words. How he met the Seven Messengers, if he met them at all, it is also unknown. He may have written from the depths of Self and through prayer. What is known is that he compiled all the teaching from the 7 divinities in The Message and 777 aphorisms with hope for a better future for Human Beings. His dream is Humanity united through love and purpose.

Through a brief interview to local media, he said: “I am proud of my anonymity. To seek and demystify the personality of an author is a journey of discovery similar to looking for one’s self. It does not really matter who wrote a book. What matters is how the reader uses the teachings. If only a handful benefit from it and they can bring more Light to this world, The Message and 777 will have achieved its purpose.”

The Messengers

Seven Messengers came to Earth to deliver The Message. Learn more about them.

Isha Nuntius

Isha Nuntius is the First Messenger. She is the first Lord. Pure and protective. She appears before the night prayer in a shaft of light, dressed in beauty and mystery.

Gyan Nuntius

Gyan Nuntius is the Second Messenger. He is the second Lord. Older, wiser, embraced in knowledge and wisdom. He arrives in a wonderful shield to protect Men from themselves. Through his virtue he teaches others to think.

Katha Nuntius

Katha Nuntius is the Third Messenger. She is the third Lord. She is an avid storyteller, relaying pure messages. It is the word that carries her. She comes to Worlds when they are in need of revelations and moral values. Consequences of Human Beings actions do bear significance to all and must be shaped.

Kena Nuntius

Will be revealed in 777 Volume II

Mundaka Nuntius

Will be revealed in 777 Volume II

Taittiriya Nuntius

Will be revealed in 777 Volume III

Mandukya Nuntius

Will be revealed in 777 Volume II

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