777 Volume I

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Something greater exists but it can’t yet be fully explained. Though it can be felt. 

The Bibles of the past are wise, but written in old days and now outdated. Our teaching are for the new Millenium and timeless. It’s a Book that reflects people’s needs, a different Bible that hears the audience and stays on point.

Septem Nuntius


Septem Nuntius continued. ‘If 7 is the number of perfection, a triplet of Sevens represents the Perfect Trinity. It holds the Multiverses together. It will appear in your life as a message from the Universe. It is a message of Comfort, of Love, of something that can’t be fully explained but is always watching over you just like your guardian angel. It comes in a time of need and is here when Earth Realm requires it. The Bibles of the past are wise, but written in old days and now outdated. Our teachings are for the new Millennium and timeless. Even if the Message speaks only to a handful, it will have served its purpose on the path to Consciousness and Enlightenment. So read one Aphorism, read a chapter, consult the ‘Glossary from the Elder Gods’ in the end of the book or read the entire 7 Messages from the 7 Nuntius Divinities: Isha, Gyan, Katha, Kena, Mundaka, Mandukya and Taittiriya.

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The Elder Gods called Acts of Service the ultimate currency. What better way to serve others than through supporting and being involved in Humanitarian causes. We have selected 7 Charities that are working for a Better World. By purchasing this book you are supporting them too.

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