The Message

777 Volume I

Seven Messengers travelled through the Galaxy, crossing Time, Space and Multiverses, from the place where the Elder Gods still care about their People. They travel to other universes in times of need. A shadow of uncertainty, fear, growing extremism, separatism, war, despair and growing chaos looms over Earth. And so they arrived to deliver The Message and help the Human race. To save Humanity from themselves. Because if the current trend continues, the same behaviours and attitudes on a mass scale, the cancer will spread and Human Beings will kill this planet. Many Worlds have perished due to the lack of Knowledge of its beings and when Equilibrium is broken.

Not this one.

Chapter I


by Isha Nuntius

And there walks a Man that will teach you about Life and its Mysteries. Talk to him my Son if you want to walk through the realm of Light and Dark, at your own peril. You and only you will know when you are ready…….

Chapter II

The Foundation

by Gyan Nuntius

The first step for the untrained mind is to go back to basics. You have started your journey of revelations. Let us start with your core and foundations. Let us pull you apart and make whole again with a new set of skills. With Life tools that will carry you through this World or beyond and that will allow you to see that you can embrace more…….

Chapter III

Evolving Paradigms

by Katha Nuntius

Your paradigms shape your reality. You embraced the Enlightenment journey. Allow us to share and shape perhaps a different reality. Perspective is one of the mothers of virtue. Visualise how your life could be with pure and unbiased lenses…….




777 Volume I

Something greater exists but it can’t yet be fully explained. Though it can be felt. 

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Septem Nuntius

Septem Nuntius

The Author

Author Central

The Bible for this Age and upcoming Millennium.

No one really knows who Septem Nuntius is or comes from. It is said that he was born from humble origins on a remote village in the south of Europe. Others said he was born in India due to his extensive knowledge of Sanskrit. It is known that he travelled the World. In his writings there is a different curiosity and intensity. He seems to be in the journey for his own meaning and Enlightenment. Spirituality, relationships, knowledge, feelings, numerology, anthropology and the teachings of the great Vedas are part of his words. How he met the Seven Messengers, if he met them at all, it is also unknown. He may have written from the depths of Self and through prayer. What is known is that he compiled all the teaching from the 7 divinities in The Message and 777 aphorisms with hope for a better future for Human Beings. His dream is Humanity united through love and purpose.

Through a brief interview to local media, he said: “I am proud of my anonymity. To seek and demystify the personality of an author is a journey of discovery similar to looking for one’s self. It does not really matter who wrote a book. What matters is how the reader uses the teachings. If only a handful benefit from it and they can bring more Light to this world, The Message and 777 will have achieved its purpose.”

The Series

Volume II and Volume III upcoming release.

The Elder Gods Glossary

Before you are the definitions for The Message, in the Glossary from the Elder Gods. This is how you are recommended to interpret 777. It is the meaning and definition you attribute to a word that gives it its power. Look for the true and enlighten meaning in a term. As a Quod Superius Being, Swami Vivekananda, once said: “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life; dream of it; think of it; live on that idea. Let the brain, the body, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, and this is the way great spiritual giants are produced.”

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